Business Structure with Bob Shepherd Associates

We have colleagues across South East Wales to be called in for expertise with a toolkit of business skills and expertise for all stages of your business.

Bob Shepherd Associates maintains regular contact

We talk with Banks and Finance Companies, Councils and Local Government, and other useful business organisations. We keep you on track by knowing our way round the red tape and all the organisations that seem to be there just to send you in the wrong direction!

Bob Shepherd has over 40 years in business at all levels. See About Us page for more information.

If you have Business or Management issues we can help you see the realities!

Whatever your level, whatever your experience the fundamentals of running a business are always there. The level of sophistication alters but the building blocks are always needed.

Giving you an outside perspective is invaluable and crucial to the success of any expansion in business. The balance and structure has to be right, the skills have to be right, the resources have to be right and then the plans will work.

Further Information & Help

We work across South Wales in Cardiff, Newport, The Valleys and Monmouthshire.

Please contact us for further information and a first meeting.

Bob Shepherd Associates works with Small Business SMEs all over the South Wales area including Cardiff, Newport and surrounding areas. Please contact us if you’d like to know more.