Corporate Finance for larger projects with Bob Shepherd Associates

Corporate FinanceAre you looking for funds for a larger project to finance equipment or expansion, perhaps?

Bob Shepherd Associates have experience in raising sums for Corporate Business both for start-up and expansion.

Understanding the Lenders or the Grant Funders is half the battle. The system is complex and your location, and the use of equipment is all important. There are general principles that apply across the board where European Funds are involved. The application forms contain questions that need careful answers to avoid giving an impression that will invalidate your application.

If short term finance is needed, different considerations apply or perhaps a basket of funding can be arranged with staged withdrawals. The variations are endless and must fit your circumstances. Cash Flow is a vital component for a Business and there are a number of solutions for you if you have grown too fast to soon for example.

Whatever your purpose or wherever you are based let us look at your requirements and place it for you. The cost may not be as much as you think and a suitable arrangement should be available to suit your circumstances.
In some cases a project fee is appropriate and in others a monthly rate is applied. At the end of it you will understand it has been money well spent. You will have engaged an extra pair of Management Hands enabling you to carry on with what you do best. 

Further Information & Help

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Bob Shepherd Associates works with Small Business SMEs all over the South Wales area including Cardiff, Newport and surrounding areas. Please contact us if you’d like to know more.