Marketing with Bob Shepherd Associates

Marketing with Bob Shepherd AssociatesHow do you push your business to the outside world? There are lots of channels and you will probably need to use most of them.

How about your web site? Optimisation? Key Words? What is all that and what does it look like on a mobile device?

Should you go networking, do some telemarketing, some effective PR and how should you use Social Media?
Maybe you do need a Marketing Plan but maybe you don’t! Don’t waste money on a fancy plan if it is not really needed.

The fact is, if your Marketing and your overall Branding works together you will gain from it. If it isn’t you are probably wasting your money. Let us have a look at it all with you.

What you should do and what is a waste of time and money can be thought through.  Bob Shepherd Associates aims to get you going on your new direction with everything in place and the best chance of success.


Further Information & Help

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