Business Expansion with Bob Shepherd Associates

Business ExpansionIf your business is established and running well it may be time to expand in a new direction.

With a planned expansion comes the need for MarketingBusiness Plans and a need for Finance. There is not much that is simple about it!

Business Growth needs to be managed in a practical way. Let loose, you may create too many sales  to service or take on too many resources for work that has not yet materialised.

Either way you'll be feeling unprofessional and lose money. If you borrow from the bank and then find it's not enough, going back a month later for more makes it look as if you don’t know what you are doing!

The planning process allows you to gauge what’s needed, and decide how it should work. If it isn't right we'll tell you and work on it with you until it does look right. A practical business plan allows you to get it wrong on paper first.


Further Information & Help

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