Structure and Practicalities




Structure and PracticalitiesHow to bring your ideas into existence takes careful planning. You may have some experience already. What IS certain is that if you do not plan well the business will fall on its face before long. At best it will bumble along without fulfilling its potential.

Your early planning is your chance to get it right on paper first. If it doesn’t seem right you can tear it up and start again if necessary, with no damage done.




Here are topics we check through with you for a new start business. Get it right now and avoid a problem later!


Reason for this Business 
Ownership and formation
Management skills needed 
Goals and Objectives 
Your Market 
How to get to your market
Costs and set up expenses 
Premises, Plant, Equipment and Vehicles 
Your Investment into the Business 
Any Grants available 
Cash Flow Forecast 
Personal Survival Income

Bank account
Partnership  agreement
Legals – formation at Companies House 
Legals - Business names
Legals – HMRC rules and  registration 
Insurances needed
Professional indemnities 
Personal Insurance –Income replacement 
Pension requirements
Employing Staff
Book-keeping / Accountancy
Health and Safety requirements 
Training Requirements


 With the planning done practical implementation comes into play. Bob Shepherd Associates have many contacts and we network!  Let our people help you set up your lease, your agreements, your legal requirements, your patents and trademarks, your marketing, your PR, your social media! Much of it we will have seen before and know just where to go. In many cases we have relationships established with competent professionals where necessary. So much time can be saved by doing it properly to begin with.


Further Information & Help

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