Sourcing Finance with Bob Shepherd Associates

Sourcing FinanceFigures words and plans are not something for the faint hearted! Applying for Bank and other funding is a matter of understanding what is required and how it all works.

Understanding the attitude of the Lenders or the Grant Funders is half the case. Some areas have Grants available, usually for machinery and equipment but it is so complex and your location is all important. Some principles apply across the board with European money but the application forms contain questions that need careful answers to avoid giving an impression that will knock out your application. Bob Shepherd Associates have made many successful grant applications on behalf of our clients.


Bank Finance


What is the difference between the Banks and why should you go to a particular one? What about alternatives?  Bob Shepherd Associates have the ear of local Development Managers and Business Account Managers for the major Banks to help you along.

When your proposition reaches the Bank it would be good if your presentation is immediately appealing and answers the right questions in the sort of order they look for?

It may be you are wrongly Banked, or simply you are Banked at the wrong level and cannot get the attention you deserve. The Banking Industry tries to resolve these issues because it is in its interest to do so, but costs dictate that most Businesses are lumped together and managed en bloc.



Perhaps a basket of finance can be arranged. The variations are endless and need to fit your own circumstances. Second stream funders are out there to support successful enterprises. Cash Flow is a vital component for the Business and there are a number of possibilities for you.  There are Loans, Overdrafts, Factoring, Invoice Discounting, Commercial Mortgages, Development Loans, Wage Cycle facilities, Leasing, Pension Loans, Crowd funding, Equity Loans – Let Bob Shepherd Associates sort it out for you with the benefit of inside knowledge based on years in this Industry.




If your own resources and the clout you have with the Banks is not enough then maybe you need Investment from outside. What are ‘Business Angels’ and how do you find one? Let us help you.

If you are thinking of joining forces with a partner or giving shares to an incoming Director let us consider the options with you first. Avoid the pit falls! An incoming investor will undoubtedly bring their own ideas and want to have a share in your company. Is this right for you? 

Whatever your purpose or wherever you are based let Bob Shepherd Associates look at your requirements and place it for you to best advantage.


Further Information & Help

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Bob Shepherd Associates works with Small Business SMEs all over the South Wales area including Cardiff, Newport and surrounding areas. Please contact us if you’d like to know more.